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Helping Parents

Reduce the risk of cyberbullying

Filter web content safely

Be aware where the device is

Keep the use of the device within limits

Teach and install good digital practices

Helping Schools

Allow safe internet use on 3G and wireless

Enable appropriate mobile applications

Enhance your eSafety capability

Develop digital skills curriculum

Reduce risks of bullying & pedophilia

Three easy steps to get started

Install Mobile Guardian on iOS,
Android, Blackberry or Kindle.

Discuss with your child
using our online tips.

Manage your child's device with
the Mobile Guardian dashboard.


Sign in with your Mobiflock account details


Download Mobiflock in 3 easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have the device you want to protect with you
  2. Sign up for your free Mobiflock account by filling in this form → or Register using Facebook
  3. Download the Mobiflock app from your device's app store (don't worry, we'll talk you through this if you are unsure)